Happy Labor Day!

Good morning, and have a Happy Labor Day everyone!

Normally this is where I would explain the cultural context of this holiday for the people reading this blog that don’t live in the United States, since this is a purely American Holiday (as far as I know).  I can’t really do that this time, as there really is no special culture for this holiday.  Sure, I could probably explain the history of this holiday (I think it has something to do with the rise of labor unions), but most of us Americans just see this as a day off from work.  Any traditions that we do have on this day tend to be unique to each family.  I do know that there is some kind of rule in fashion about not wearing white clothes after labor day, but I have no idea where that particular rule came from.  I don’t really own that many white clothes anyway, so I don’t worry about that rule too much.

So to my fellow Americans, I want to wish you a happy day off of work!  Unless you have a job where you have to work today, in which case you should stop reading this blog and get back to work before your boss catches you.


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