And so, after countless millennia, my infernal plot has finally come to fruition.  Prepare to bid farewell to your pitiful little world, foolish mortals!  For soon, I will…oops!  Sorry, wrong script.

Hello!  My name is Gregory Inkelaar.  That’s right, THE Gregory Inkelaar.  Welcome to my…what do you mean you’ve never heard of me?  Author of the Correctly Political Tales series of political humor books?  I published a book called ‘Make Oz Great Again’ just last year?  That doesn’t ring any bells?   Ugh…fine.

Welcome to my blog.  You’re probably wondering why this blog is called ‘Think Inkelaar’.  As much as I would like to claim that there was some kind of clever pun or something behind that name, in reality it was just the least stupid name I could think of.  Also, I figure that with this blog name, people will at least know how to spell the first part of my name right.  Anyway, this blog is going to be a place where I will be posting my short stories, poetry, and personal thoughts.  And don’t worry, just because the books I’ve published (so far) have all been political humor, doesn’t mean that this will be a political blog.  I going to do my best to keep the political stuff to the bare minimum (not to be confused with the Minimum Bear).  If you absolutely NEED to know what my views are on Congressional Term Limits, Electoral Reform, and so on, you can check me out on Facebook.  I’m not exactly shy about those things there (despite being shy everywhere else).

As for this blog, the writing that I will be posting will mostly be humor stories, though I will also be posting fantasy and science fiction stories as well.  I will also post personal thoughts from time to time, but this is a blog on the internet, so that should be a given.

I will be posting a story to this blog soon, so .  Until then, so long and have a nice day!



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  1. You’ve made your way onto WordPress! Good to see you joining the rest of us on this corner of the vast Internet. I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ll be posting here, given I’m interested in seeing more of your writing. Love the introduction, by the way. So cocky! 😀


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